Women come together to talk plum

This month women from Wadeye, Broome and Maningrida came to Jabiru to meet with senior Mirarr women from Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation to talk about Kakadu Plum. Known as An-Marlak amongst the Mirarr, Kakadu Plum has long been used as food and medicine, and the discussion was around how this fruit could be used to benefit communities.  One of the challenges discussed was developing products and uses for this superfood, as many non-Aborgiinal people are not familiar with the food's benefits. Other challenges include transport as it is only avaiable in northern Australia, while the increasing demand is in the south.

This meeting was significant as it brought together women from different regions to discuss the same fruit and how they might cooperate and share their collective knowledge to improve the supply and value chain.  Different names for the fruit, and associated stories were shared both in lanugage where possible and in English. A second meeting is scheduled for later in the year.

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