Shared Value Partnership with Swisse Wellness Australia

In 2021, leading vitamin, supplement, and skincare brand, Swisse, launched sub-brand Swisse Earth - a premium quality and sustainable range of vegan powder blends.

The range has been formulated with nourishing, locally and sustainably sourced ingredients - reflecting Swisse's mission to contribute positively to the needs of community and the planet.

As well as supplying one of the key ingredients for the Swisse Earth range, Mamabulanjin also has a shared value partnership with Swisse, to support Indigenous agriculture and horticulture in the Australian native food sector.

Working closely with The Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance (NAAKPA), Swisse has provided funding to support Mamabulanjin and their fruit farm by implementing activities such as:

  • A fire prevention strategy
  • Regenerative farming practices
  • Education and training for Indigenous trainees
  • Wildlife monitoring and conservation

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