A Harvest visit 2019

NAAKPA Project team visit WA members

The NAAKPA project team consisting of Paul Saeki (Kakadu Plum Business Development Manager, ILC), Daniel Havers (Technical Manager, Retail Agrifood, SAI Global) and Cian McCue (Moogie Down Productions) touched down in Broome on January 20. The objectives of the visit were twofold:

  1. Undertake a HACCP gap analysis of food quality assurance processes for each NAAKPA enterprise- this included HACCP certification for those seeking to meet requirements.
  2. Footage capture for two minute enterprise videos, to tell the gubinge story of each enterprise.

On the evening the team arrived, a cyclone developed off the coast, forcing them  to reconisder their original schedule; the group deciding to venture up the Dampier Peninsula while the roads were still open.  The conditions were difficult, particularly Cape Leveque road which was muddy due to the wet weather. Fortunately the cyclone never hit, heading further west towards Port Headland. The team visited Mercedes Cove Aboriginal Corporation, Lombadina Aboriginal Corporation, before heading back to Broome complete the trip with visits to Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation and Milari Aboriginal Corporation (Mayi Harvests).

The trip was insightful in understanding the diverse approach to harvesting and utilising gubinge amongst enterprises- each was different in the way they harvested, processed, and even the types of gubinge collected varied. The gubinge harvest is expected to continue until the end of February, so there is plenty more to come.

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