NAAKPA visit to the National Measurement Institute Laboratories

In early September, Leila Nimbadja, Clem Bresson and the Kakadu Plum Business Development Manager (Paul Saeki) visited the food laboratories of the National Measurement Institute (NMI).  NAAKPA has been working with NMI since the 2019 harvest, to have enterprise fruit samples tested for vitamin C content, polyphenols and microbials for food safety and this visit was an opportunity to see how samples were tested. 
In preparation for the 2020 harvest, NAAKPA and NMI are working collaboratively in testing enterprise Kakadu Plum fruit powder for a range of qualities as well as testing other native foods such as bush apples (Syzygium suborbiculare) (Mutgumamirrtjiyi), hairy plums (Terminalia carpentariae) (Djirpitji) and bush currants. Testing of fruit and fruit powders are important indicators of quality, and something buyers often require before purchasing Kakadu plums and bushfoods. This regular testing plays a critical role in better understanding Kakadu Plum and its qualities for Aboriginal enterprises within a commercial context.


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