NAAKPA turns 1 

On August 18, 2018, the Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance was formed at a meeting in Broome of eight Aboriginal Corporations harvesting Kakadu Plum. The impetus for the collaboration was the need to consolidate the Kakadu plum supply chain as an industry, which has until recently suffered from supply and demand issues at the producer level.  This was largely due to the fact that the supply chain was dominated  by non-Aboriginal middlemen who controlled access to buyers. By coming together collectively, Aboriginal Kakadu Plum producers are able to link directly to potential buyers and improve quality outcomes for the supply chain. NAAKPA places Aboriginal enterprises in control of the Kakadu Plum supply chain, providing greater economic returns to communities, greater influence in how their products are used and greater ability to protect their Traditional Knowledge.

NAAKPA has achieved a lot in the last twelve months including;

  • Undertaking a HACCP Food Safety Audit of NAAKPA enterprises during the 2019 harvest, providing QA gap analysis for NAAKPA enterprises as well as HACCP certification for two enterprises;
  • Helping connect NAAKPA enterprises directly to buyers- this has created greater confidence for NAAKPA enterprises and as a result most NAAKPA enterprises doubled their harvest volumes in 2019;
  • Developing enterprise videos for each enterprise to tell their story of Kakadu Plum as well as media kits to promote their message;
  • Facilitating food safety tests through the National Measurement Institute which included chemical analysis and microbial analysis of NAAKPA enterprise fruit harvested in 2019;
  • Providing support and collaboration on Access and Benefit Sharing Agreements (ABS) and developing practical business templates for ABS and sales agreements;
  • Providing advocacy on protecting Traditional Knowledge- including a submission to IP Australia about Protecting Traditional Knowledge in the bushfood sector;
  • Providing a focal point for other organisations to collaborate, such as SAI Global, Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), National Measurement Institute (NMI) and University of New South Wales (UNSW).

The NAAKPA Steering Committee meets once per month to discuss and make decisions on the strategic directions the Alliance takes on a range of issues impacting the bushfoods sector. This governance model facilitates collaborative descision making and provides Aboriginal leadership of the Kakadu Plum supply chain.

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