Kakadu Plum fingerprint database

NAAKPA is working with Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) on establishing a national Kakadu plum iso-elemental fingerprint database.  As demand for Kakadu Plum increases there is a growing need to identify systems of traceability and provenance to protect both the industry and natural resources. ANSTO’s analytical technology is able to scan Kakadu Plum fruit to create unique iso-elemental fingerprints or signatures of fruit.  Fruit has a unique isoelemental signature- this consists of a mixture of elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, and a host of other elements and these are all found in different proportions based on where the fruit is grown.  This information is collated into a signature or fingerprint and when combined in a database creates a reference resource which can be used to trace where Kakadu plum comes from within a supply chain.

This technology is important in a number of ways for the industry, it can help protect commercial brands, help to reduce illegal pouching and recognize Indigenous producers by supporting an Indigenous certification system.  It can also be used to develop regional fingerprints for Kakadu Plum produced in specific regions.

NAAKPA and ANSTO are currently inviting producers and Traditional owners who are interested in getting their fruit analysed and a fingerprint produced to get involved. For more information please contact paul.saeki@naakpa.com.au

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