Indigenous Provenance and Traceability Technology Platform

NAAKPA enterprises will be undertaking a pilot provenance and traceability project during the next harvest season in 2020.  The project is a four way collaboration between NAAKPA, IP Australia, ANSTO and the ILSC utilising state of the art technology in provenance detection and traceability systems. The provenance component is managed by Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), and involves developing a database of isotopic fingerprints of Kakadu Plum harvested at key locations. This will allow consumers to identify which locations their Kakadu plum comes from and is a potential tool in supporting prior informed consent frameworks amongst Aboriginal communities involved in the Kakadu plum supply chain. The traceability component utilises IP Australia’s blockchain smart trademark technology applications, and will be able to provide an immutable ledger tracing a chain of custody for any trademark product. Once established this technology can be deployed for any Indigenous trademark across a number of different indigenous food industries from other native foods, the meat industry and fisheries. This is the first time that these two state of the art technologies are being used in the same system, where the isotopic fingerprinting can validate the blockchain smart contract and vice versa. Combining these two technologies and deploying them in the bushfoods sector will help protect the interests of Aboriginal people in the Australian bushfoods industry.  Once the pilot is complete in late 2020, it is anticipated the framework will be able to support a range of certification marks to ensure ethical and genuine supply chains. 

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