Value adding Gubinge

Kimberley Wild Gubinge, a pioneer in processing Gubinge on country on the Dampier Peninsula recently received a boost to their capabilities by being awarded a Value Add Agribusiness Investment Grant.  The grant is managed by the Western Australian Government's Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development through the Value-Add Agribusiness Investment Fund Program, and is targeted at supporting productivity and opportunities in this growing industry sector.

The awarded grant ($37,216) supports the implementation of feasibility studies on infrastructure development and planning research for the processing of Gubinge on country at Kimberley Wild Gubinge's processing facilities located at Pender Bay. This looks at extensions of the existing Gubinge processing facility to grow and expand production, as well as workers' amenities to enable an increase in employment for local workers to increase harvesting, processing and retail capacity.

This grant comes on the back of Kimberley Wild Gubinge recieving HACCP certification through SAI Global covering the spectrum of Gubinge processing from 'harvesting, reciept, washing, freezing of whole native fruit (Terminalia ferminadiana), pulping, drying and milling of the native fruit.'

Both the grant and the HACCP certification consoldiate Kimberley Wild Gubinge's business capabilities, as they continue to grow, develop and value add to the Gubinge industry on the Dampier Peninsula.

For more information on their great products you can go directly to their website here or via the NAAKPA website link here.

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