Disclosure requirements for traditional knowledge and genetic resources

NAAKPA participated in an IP Australia Expert Reference Group to discuss whether disclosure requirements for genetic resources and traditional knowledge should be considered for patent and Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) applications.  The workshop included a number of specialists in intellectual property law along with researchers and traditional owners.  Bawinanaga AC and Gundjeihmi AC participated from NAAKPA.  Discussions about how these issues might be managed within current IP frameworks is ongoing and comes from the 2018-2019 consultations IP Australia held to help protect and manage Indigenous Knowledge (IK).  More information is available through the IP Australia website: https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/understanding-ip/getting-started-ip/indigenous-knowledge/indigenous-knowledge-project   For more information about NAAKPA’s involvement please email the Secretariat via the enquiry form below.

WIPO has also published a guide on key questions.https://www.wipo.int/edocs/pubdocs/en/wipo_pub_1047_19.pdf

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