NAAKPA Objectives

NAAKPA is an alliance of Aboriginal -owned companies, with Aboriginal communities at their centre, supplying Kakadu Plum for the Australian market.

The Alliance was established to protect the interests of Aboriginal enterprises and communities in the Kakadu Plum Industry. 

It aims to encourage ethical sourcing of native fruit whilst protecting the interests of Aboriginal communities and their traditional knowledge. The Alliance is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from each Aboriginal enterprise.

The Key Objectives of NAAKPA are:

  • Become industry leaders in the research, harvest, processing and marketing of Kakadu Plum/Gubinge  by empowering Aboriginal enterprises and families across northern Australia to draw on land assets and intellectual property (Traditional Ecological Knowledge) within their communities;
  • Support community harvesting and processing enterprises and linking these directly to large scale markets and consumers by establishing an Aboriginal controlled supply and value chain Alliance;
  • Promote the products produced by Alliance members, to create commercial advantage and opportunities;
  • Share aspects of traditional, emerging knowledge and information about orchards, plantations, wild harvest technologies within the Alliance to build capacity and ensure continuity in cultural practices;
  • Provide advocacy for Alliance members;
  • Respect the privacy and commercial confidence of each individual Alliance member, and treat them as an independent enterprise collaborating in a Alliance;
  • Establish best practice models/protocols in managing access to country and enable an economy that takes into account social and cultural protocols and legal obligations;
  • Establish a framework to protect and access biocultural knowledge and intellectual property in the bush plant resources space on behalf of Alliance members;
  • Establish mechanisms to ensure benefit sharing through real partnerships with academic research projects regarding kakadu plum/ gubinge and to provide joint ownership of intellectual property established through this research.


The Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance was made possible with the support of the Indigenous Land Corporation.  


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