Mayi harvests (Milari Aboriginal Corporation)

The Mayi Harvests native food business specializes in West Kimberley Wild Foods which are wild harvested on our traditional family lands in Ngumbarl and Jabirr-Jabirr country.

Our offices are located at 20 Clementson Street, Broome, WA. We are planning to develop Enrichment Plantation sites for mixed native plant species on our Milari Community and Mamanyjun Tree traditional lands.

We provide wholesale and retail native plant food products to chefs, restaurants, special events, touring companies, and sell on-line at  the Mayi Harvest website.

Gabiny aka Kakadu Plum is one of the sovereign foods that we want to preserve for the future so that we continue our cultural practices in cultural and language maintenance as well as teach about our traditional land management practices. Gabiny is an important fruit for our health and well-being and it has strong cultural relevance for our families within the West Kimberley region. Not only is it important as a commercial commodity but its proper management ensures its sustainable future within our sacred forests for our great grandchildren and future generations.

Contact details

Pat Mamanyjun Torres

Manager - Mayi Harvests

Email | Website+61 403 486 955


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