Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation

Mamabulanjin was established in 1985 for the outstation movement to traditional homelands. We provide community based services and operate a gardening business, native tree nursery and two Kakadu plum orchards.


Mamabulanjin has been able to source harvested Kakadu Plum direct from people on country for the past three wet seasons providing they have permission from the traditional owners.

At Mamabulanjin we are looking to compliment the Northern Australia Wild Harvested fruit by growing the various species with appropriate research and development and agronomy trials. We currently have 2,000 trees that are up to 4 years old and hope to harvest those fruit in the 2018/2019 harvest season.

In 2019 we will be embarking on a 20,000 plus tree plantation over the next 5 years. Supported by our nursery and land management experience (like in past successful Green Army Programs), we also have a “Living Native Tree Seed Bank” with 5,200 native trees across 60 threatened species. A collaborative project with the State’s Water Corporation which was shortlisted in State and National Awards, we are also looking to develop 200 hectares not only for Kakadu plum but many other native fruits, nuts and vegetables.

All outcomes from the Research & Development Program and Intellectual Property rights relating to growing Kakadu Plum will be passed on to alliance partners under our sharing agreement that will help develop this new and exciting industry where Aboriginal people across Northern Australia have control and ownership.

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