Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation

Mirarr set up Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) in 1995 to help manage a balance between sustainable development, traditional practice and living culture on Mirarr land. 

Mirarr country includes parts of Kakadu National Park and Western Arnhem Land including the Ranger and Jabiluka uranium deposits.

Gundjeihmi runs many cultural and community programs and engages with strategy, policy and management across several issues including land and cultural rights, environment and conservation, mining, education, health, child protection, retail and tourism.
Kakadu Plum is known locally as An-marlak or An-buninkidj, and also as Billy-goat plum. It is a traditional plant food that has been consumed by the Mirarr and other Bininj throughout the region for thousands of years for its nutritional and therapeutic values. An-marlak is typically harvested during Bangkerreng and Yekke seasons (March through June).

By supporting Gundjeihmi you assist our work to develop strong local economic opportunities for Traditional Owners. We are working to supply fruit as well as initial processing, product refinement and finished goods sales and marketing. At every level Gundjeihmi will ensure that the Traditional Owners of the originating country of the Kakadu Plum (and other Indigenous plant species) will be the major beneficiaries of commercial and intellectual outcomes.

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