Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation

Bawinanga is progressive Aboriginal corporation based in Maningrida.

We represent the Aboriginal people of the 32 Homelands or outstations surrounding Maningrida in West Arnhem Land, and are a major service provider for Aboriginal people in the region.
Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation fully owns and operates Maningrida Wild Foods, that provides  opportunities for people living on homelands to harvest traditional native foods: bush foods sold whole or made into products and seafood. 
Wherever you are, we invite you to learn about this place, Maningrida/Manayingkarirra/Manawukan, and support the work Bawinanga does here and in the surrounding homelands with and for the land owners. 
In our region where 12 languages are spoken, Kakadu Plum has many names: Marddangich, Mopan, Man-marlak and Billy goat plum to name a few. 

“When we were little kids, I was maybe three or four years old, my mum and dad they took all of our family out hunting, My mum she said that one there, you can eat that one, Mopan, family have been eating that one for a long time its like medicine. We were collecting that Mopan, we filled up that Dilly bag till it was full. Then we were eating all night, and we threw the seeds in the bush so they could grow Big for us close to our camp. We saved some and we ate them in the morning. My mum told me that dilly bag, its full of stories, its seen lots and lots of bushfoods. These trees they send us messages and show us the signs of the country, what’s happening, what season, what’s ready to go out and collect. We look after country and country looks after us.” Leila Nimbadja, Senior Traditional owner and Gurr-goni Women.

Our Kakadu Plum season is from late March to July, even though it varies depending on rainfalls and other weather events. We make our Kakadu plums into powder ourselves in small batches. We also mix it up with other non-native spices to create a spice mix that can be used in cooking.
Maningrida Wild Foods also harvests many other bush foods that grow in the bush around our homelands. Contact us and have a look at our website to find out more!

By supporting Bawinanga you are helping support people living on their traditional country in the Maningrida region, continuing to keep culture strong and pass on stories and lessons to the next generation. Wild harvesting is very important to the People in the Maningrida region, with over 50 harvesters taking part in each harvest. It also helps people around Australia learn about culture and the foods we eat here in the Maningrida region.

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