NAAKPA 2019 Kakadu Plum Harvest update

The Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance is pleased to report the outcomes of the most recent 2019 harvest.
In the past, the volume of Kakadu Plum harvested across northern Australia has not been clearly recorded, with estimations coming in at between 20 to 25 tonnes harvested per annum.  Even though some NAAKPA enterprises are still harvesting, NAAKPA enterprises have harvested more than 20 tonnes in this 2019 season, with a farm gate value of more than $600,000 (AUD).  The harvest has involved more than 320 Aboriginal people, mainly women, across the Dampier Penininsula through to Wadeye and up to Maningrida, and on current estimations, NAAKPA enterprises make up between 60-70% of total Kakadu Plum harvested across northern Australia.  This has created economic benefits for Aboriginal people living in communiteis as the Kakadu Plum harvests is one of the few ways people can generate income whilst living on their homelands.

For more information about sourcing Kakadu Plum please contact one of the NAAKPA enterprises below.

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