NT harvest 2020

The harvest in the Northern Territory started in mid-April and is expected to continue until the end of next month.  Changes due to covid-19 have impacted how the harvest is coordinated, particularly in maintaining social/physical distancing. Harvest inductions were delivered differently, and changes made to the coordination of collection and sorting points. 

Overall, it is expected that less people will be involved in the harvest, however, those involved will harvest for a longer period. Communities are also isolated, so planned HACCP audit activities have had to be conducted remotely and NAAKPA with ILSC funding has delivered Food safety awareness workshops online to Wadeye and Maningrida to bolster quality standards. Current harvest volumes are lower than in 2019 for NT NAAKPA enterprises and it is anticipated the total harvest volume will be similar or just under last year’s collective volume of 21 tonnes across NT & WA for NAAKPA members.

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